We remember life as a string of big events;
epic happenings that define our lives
and live on in family stories.
Weddings are no different -
the main focus in wedding planning is on the defining events -

the kissing of the bride,
cutting of the cake,
father-daughter dancing,
the bouquet toss.

But what about the moments in-between?
What about the tiny, serendipitous small things that happen
without planning,
just from a room full of love?
What about a small touch, a smiling face, a kind word -
in-between the big events?
These moments are what I live to capture.
The moments that are often overlooked,
but together make up the very emotional essence of a wedding,
and of our lives.

These moments are incredibly special
and so fleeting. I strive to give them life
and the importance they deserve.
Moments you may not even notice at first,
but look back on later in photographs
and cherish.
This is my specialty, and my passion.
Welcome Jackie Willome is a wedding photographer
located in San Antonio, Texas.
We specialize in weddings and
unique occasions.
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