Enchanted Rock – Connection Session

I had a wonderful morning hiking Enchanted Rock with Delaney and Eddie ! We’d each driven about 90 minutes through the hill country to get to the gorgeous Enchanted Rock, just outside Fredrickburg, Tx. Coming from San Antonio the weather was gorgeous, and then about 5 minutes outside of Enchanted Rock the sky opened up and it started POURING.  We waited out the rain, got to know each other a little better, and then headed up the rock on the closed and slippery trails! Delaney and Eddie were a few weeks away from having their “official wedding” after 10 years of marriage. So exciting!

Read all about their 10 year anniversary plans and their proposal story below.


Eddie and Delaney met in High School but its not your usually high school love story. Eddie was a “troubled teen” and was staying at friends houses, sleeping on couches instead of staying at home. He didn’t appreciate school and was rarely there. He has always had a wonderful work ethic and decided his time was better spent at a part time job at Bed Bath and Beyond. One evening Delaney was hanging a party. Dad was a bit loose with the rules and the kids usually congregated at Delaney dads apartment. Eddie was about to loose couch privileges at a dear friends house and asked said friend to not mention this to Delaney or her Father. (I know, total teen drama). So what happened, by the end of the night the secret was exposed and Eddie was invited to stay at Delaney apartment. This lasted about 3 months before Eddie moved away, possibly back to his own home. They became very good friends during this time. Delaney wanted nothing to do with Eddie romantically but the family had welcomed him into their home and soon he was part of the family. 5 years down the road after a career with the Military Eddie and Delaney reunited. It took some time but soon Delaney understood that to embrace the love of her best friend was the best move she would ever make. The soon got married, on paper, very casual, no wedding, no formal celebration and have been living out the love life for the last 10 years.

Our wonderful photographer Jackie is very adventurous and inquired about the location. We have been regular hikers and campers at the Enchanted Rock site so it only seemed appropriate

The proposal was made by Delaney father suggesting that they do something about Delaney having insurance while she was in school. Eddie at the time had a job at HEB in beer and wine. Knowing the love was lasting and that Eddie was already a welcomed party of the family it was brought up during lunch at Trudy’s while Delaney father was in town visiting. Technically it was his idea.

We purchased rings this year!

We choose a wedding date based on our actual anniversary day. It’s a lovely time of year in central Texas. The Lodge at Cypress Falls is owned by a good friend of ours. We attended her wedding there and just love the intimacy of the venue.

Everyone being together and celebrating. We like to party and its very exciting to be hosting such a large event.

Start early. I started planning 2 years in advance. Some things can be payed for over time and really breaking up the work load and cost can be beneficial. I’ve had a very easy relaxed time getting things together and everything has managed to come into place. I keep a simple spiral notebook with a lot of scribble on it to help with planning.
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